“Balsam Farms”, 11 x 14, oil on canvas – Art work by Casey Chalem Anderson

We work with a lot of artists and art organizations. One of the questions we get asked most by artists is, “How do I sell my art work?” Selling art is like anything else, you have to find creative methods for letting people know about your art. The next step is to offer people options for buying your art. Below are our 6 top ways to sell your art for the Holidays:

1) Hold a Christmas sale. Yes, it’s that simple, really. Use social media to let all of your friends know that you are holding a Christmas art sale!

2) Sell “Commission Gift Cards”: Most people don’t have a clue about what their friend or significant other would like to hang on their wall, because they might actually hate the piece. One way around this dilemma is to create a series of gift cards – that can be redeemed for different sized commissioned pieces of art. This allows the gift receiver and the artist to come up with the best solution.

3) Promotions: Come up with a few promotional or discount offers. Allow your customers to buy now and pay less. Or, perhaps they can rent your piece for a specified time, so they can keep it for a while and then ship it back to you, unless they decide to keep it.

4) Advertising: Run an ad budget on FB or Instagram. These are excellent vertical search engines which allow you to focus on targeting very specific audiences.

5) Piggyback: How many individual people and/or company’s (galleries, framers, fans, etc.) do you know that would be willing to send out a pre-written message to their list of subscribers on your behalf?

6) Social Media Marketing: Run consistent social media marketing campaigns of at least one post per day: Begin socializing your paintings for sale between now and the end of the holiday season.

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