What is the best way to use hashtags for social media? We get this question a lot here at 57i, so I’ve asked our social media marketing team of experts what they thought. There’s a different way to use hashtags on Facebook vs. Instagram. Let’s take a look:

Hashtags are best used on Facebook for events. People really don’t use them much and some “gurus” who did research say that hashtags do not affect reach and engagement and that some posts with hashtags in FB don’t do well. The research we found said that you should only use one or two hashtags at the most. We have followed this rule with other clients. Testing is the only way to determine if hashtags are working on FB for a particular FB Page. In our own experience, putting hashtags on a FB page really didn’t do much for engagement or reach.

Hashtags are great for the Instagram platform. Instagram is basically a tool that collates photos into streams, which makes it easy to find relevant images or topics, find and connect with people with similar interests and great for branded hashtags. It is similar to a search engine. In our own experience with clients, too many hashtags don’t perform well in posts and it seems that the best number is around 10 hashtags. Many people put hashtags in the first comment after they send the post but I have found it really makes no difference if you put the hashtags in the post or in the first comment.

The most basic take away is this: Hashtags for Facebook is okay, but not for LinkedIn. And yes, it’s good to use hashtags for Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Need help with your social media marketing? We’re here to help.

hashtags for social media

What’s the best way to use hashtags for Social Media? Do you need help?

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