How do you get past the fear of video to grow your business? I know it’s hard to shoot a video of yourself. Scarier than that is to have to look and hear yourself after you’ve shot the video. Now, combine this with the idea of sharing it with the world! So how do you get beyond the self imposed judgement and criticism so you can empower your outreach with video?

Personally, I’ve found that I just had to do it, but I first cheated by being on camera with someone else. I shot several videos where I interviewed and stood next to my clients and colleagues. This tactic helped me avoid being the center of attention. Then, after several videos later, I was finally able to go solo, as witnessed in this video here. I highly recommend that you find a way to put your message on video. Youtube is one of the biggest search engines in the world, 2nd only to Google (which owns Youtube).

Another step you can take to help get over the fear of creating a “selfie” video is to have your friend shoot it. Using someone you trust can be useful, but keep in mind that ultimately it will come down to you. The biggest hurdle I faced was overcoming my severe sense of self-judgement and inability to let go of imperfections and flaws. However, it’s really important to figure out how to use video as a tool to build recognition and hopefully new leads for your business.

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