The Un-sales Person: People that do not like to sell can find some helpful best practice techniques by watching this video. Do you hate sales? Do you want to generate more leads without being “that salesperson”?

Eric Green of Next Level Operations, based in New Jersey, teaches us to be an Un-Salesperson. Your goal was never to be a salesperson. So, how did you end up spending so much of your time having to focus on business development and sales? If you own your own business or are a working professional (lawyer, doctor, architect, financial advisor, etc) you have to spend some time in the sales game.

Let’s try and figure out how to do it well without having to sell your soul or go out of business. This training will help you and your team recognize the mindset and assumptions that hold you back from effective lead generation and selling. It will give you some simple tools to make your process more effective and lower your stress level. We use the best tips/tricks salespeople have developed and remove the nonsense that made us decide not to be salespeople in the first place.

Included in this training:

  • Intro: How did we get to here?
  • Playing to your strengths.
  • The what, why, who and how.
  • Create an avatar.
  • Review of sales matrix formula.
  • Short Sales Process.
  • Customer Type recognition.
  • Consultative Process Scenario and playacting.

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